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Find Talent

Enrich Your Practice
Matching Quality Healthcare Professionals with Prize Positions.

PrizeHire strives to create unshakeable connections with every practice and professional we work with.


We assess candidates to get you the professionals that will grow your practice. Giving you an efficient and productive hiring experience. 


How does it Works?

Prize Hire is different from other agencies, offering job seekers and employers a wide range of options for their every need. Take a look at all that we offer to see what best suits you. There really is no need to go through this process on your own.


  1. You tell us exactly what you want.

  2. We assess candidates against your criteria.

  3. Once matched, we present the right candidates to you.

  4. You make a Prize Hire!

Enrich Your Practice

Looking for a talented worker best suited to your company’s demands? We work closely with each client to understand their unique staffing needs and create customized recruiting plans for quick and efficient placements.

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